Snap On Smile Teeth Veneers Whitening Instant Cosmetic Dentistry Comfortable Veneer Cover Teeth Whitening Smile Denture

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A special custom mold can mask the skewed, stained, missing and notched teeth.

It is an excellent substitute for expensive braces.

Beautiful dentures make you smile more.

Removable, reusable temporary device.

 Designed In California

How to use

The adhesive sheet is softened with hot water.

Place the adhesive meter in the stand and then put on the stand.

Please clean after use.


If you feel that the size of the braces is too large and the teeth are uncomfortable, you can shorten the distance between the ends of the cuffs and use scissors to remove excess teeth. (This is an operation that cannot be repaired, please be sure to confirm and then execute).


Q: Can you eat with them? A: Yes, you can eat with them!

Q: Can you sleep with them? A: Yes, you can sleep with them they are very comfortable!

Q: Can you use them to cover up a missing or chipped tooth?

A: Yes, you can the veneer will just go over the missing or chipped tooth and hide it.